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Water Sculptures

I was first inspired by the fountain in the courtyard at the Isabella Stewart Gardener Museum.

I began by presenting my high school senior thesis project to my advisors and the landscaping department of my concept to install a concrete sculptural water fountain, aka Water Sculptures. My junior year thesis in college was a green interior design of a living-room. As a 'poor student art student' who wanted to create a green indoor instillation, I could not not justify gathering and harvesting nature's wildlife from the woods for free. I also used found (man-made) objects usually from our college dump to create terrariums. By my senior year I wanted to re-explore my water sculptures, and my teachers advised I create wire armatures for my concrete sculptures, so I began the epic journey of teaching myself where to buy steel, how to bend & cut it, and finally weld it. Check out the images of the process below...

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