The Logo Story

The Adriance StarWheel is our Family Crest, designed by my parents, Gary Laurie. The StarWheel is a trademarked logo for Adriance Furnituremakers and is carved‬ into each piece of handcrafted heirloom furniture.

With their permission, I have continued the tradition of using the StarWheel for Visual Shift Art Studio. A paint palette is portrayed by the grayscale values suggesting movement and creativity.

The StarWheel is the ‪'‎Seed of Life‬' and ‪'‎Flower of Life,' originating from sacred geometry. The SoL and FoL patterns represent the source of ‪‎Creation‬. In this visual depiction, there is movement, creation, and represents s constant shifting of creativity.

We must evolve as artistic creators by shifting our perspectives. It is essential for artists to significantly develop their visual understanding to continually create new concepts. 

October 24, 2017

I was first inspired by the fountain in the courtyard at the Isabella Stewart Gardener Museum.

I began by presenting my high school senior thesis project to my advisors and the landscaping department of my concept to install a concrete sculptural water fountain, aka Water Sculptures. My junior year thesis in college was a green interior design of a living-room. As a 'poor student art student' who wanted to create a green indoor instillation, I could not not justify gathering and harvesting nature's wildlife from the woods for free. I also used found (man-made) objects usually from our college dump to create terrariums. By my senior year I wanted to re-explore my water sculptures, and my teachers advised I create wire armatures for my concrete sculptures, so I began the epic journey of teaching myself where to buy steel, how to bend & cut it, and finally weld it. Check out the images of the process below...

October 17, 2017

Presently, I am moving back toward the arts and creating my own artwork again. After 10 years of teaching I now have time to re-focus my innate creativity and follow my heart. My work focuses on nurturing nature by working with plants within sculptural forms. Derived from my high school senior art thesis and college thesis, I once again am working with concrete, although these forms are much smaller then my first round in 2000 & 2004. I'm also incorporating plants instead of water.  Working with Plants and making art has been a life long adventure. Propagating baby plants over the years has allowed me to truly experience  the beautiful process of life taking root, maturing, and growing to provide more life.

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