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Visual Shift is an art studio and plant gallery which focuses on combining plants within sculptural forms. The shop is filled with artistic arrangements of living plants and decorative containers, creating a cozy and purifying plant-scaped atmosphere. We have DYI Plant Night Parties, Art Classes and Workshops along with College Portfolio Preparation & Guidance.


We share this lovely studio space with Designer 151 Studioslocated in The Hope Artiste Village, Pawtucket, near Providence, RI.

  • Gift Shop of Plants & Sculptural Fine Art Containers

    • Air-Plants: a variety of Tillandsia Species. 

    • House Plants & Succulents: planted in handmade indoor/outdoor garden pots or glass terrariums.

    • Geometric Glass Terrariums

    • Cement Garden Pot Containers

    • Sculptural Fine Art Forms 

We also provides a multitude of artistic, educational, & therapeutic services:

Visual Shift Art Studio is run by Alyssa Kate Adriance-Cordeiro (Miss A), who offers 12 years of art teaching experience, and has a B.A. in Studio Art and a Masters of Art in Art Education from Boston University. 

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